Penis Enlargement Exercises

How To Perform Effective Penis Enlargement Exercises

Performing penis enlargement exercises helps in increasing the size of the penis. These exercises help in increasing the blood circulation to the penis. This helps in improving the size of the penis and also makes it firmer. Penis enlargement exercises can be done in the comfort of your home or office. It is important to follow these exercises consistently to get the desired results.

First, lubricate the penis well before starting the exercise. You can use a warm towel around the penis. Then, hold the base of the penis with your thumb and forefinger. Gently press the muscles. Do this for about 20 minutes. You should start the exercise slowly and increase the speed gradually.

During the exercise, you should hold the penis at about 60-70% of its full erection. This is the basic technique used to enlarge the penis. You should try to stretch the penis as far as you can. You can also try to stretch it for a longer time. It is important to remember that you should not stretch it too much as it can cause irritation. Depending on your sensitivity, you can use a bit of lotion or soap to soothe the skin.

After you have completed this exercise, you should take a break for about five minutes. After that, you should repeat the exercise for another 20 minutes. You should also stretch your penis in the opposite direction. You can also do the basic stretch for a few minutes every day.

If you want to stretch the penis, you can try to use a vacuum erection device. This is very effective in increasing blood circulation to the penis. The device is usually worn for about six months before the results can be seen.

Another exercise that can help in enlarging the penis is called jelqing. This exercise is an ancient technique that is used to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle. The technique can also help in increasing the angle of the erection. The method involves stretching the penis and holding it in an extended position for 15 seconds.

Another exercise that is good for enlarging the penis is the wet milking exercise. This method involves a warm towel and a reliable lubricant. You can also use warm water and a towel to warm the area around the manhood. You should be able to hold the erection for a few minutes. It is best to do this exercise once or twice a day.

Another exercise that you can use to enlarge the penis is the power stretch. You can use a partner’s hand to grasp the penis by the glans. You should stretch the penis upwards while counting to 10. You can also stretch the penis in other directions. You can do this exercise for about five minutes every day.

Another penis enlargement exercise that is easy to do is the edging exercise. You can also use a penis pump to help in increasing the size of the penis. This method is especially effective in girth gains.

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