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X4 Labs Peyronie's Edition

penisPeyronie’s is a disease that causes penile curvature and fibrous plaque tissue. X4 Labs has produced a specially designed male enhancement device which has all the benefits that you are used to with X4 Labs male enhancement devices, but with its special design and custom calibrated spring tension rods provide the optimum amount of force necessary to correct Peyronie’s Disease

What the Peyronie’s edition does is break down the plaque tissues that build up in the penis, which forces the regeneration of healthy tissue resulting in eliminating the unwanted curve. Included in the Peyronie’s male enhancement package are specially formulated 1000ui Vitamin-E Boost. Created by urologists, the Vitamin-E Boost includes the most efficient amount of Vitamin E when treating Peyronie's Disease.

Using the X4 Labs male enhancement device and the Vitamin-E Boost together it is clinically proven to correct penile curvature between 75% - 99%.

One of the bonuses included with the Peyronie’s male enhancement device is the Peyronie’s Disease Informational ePamphlet, which is full of useful information pertaining to the disease.

Also included with the Peyronie's male enhancement device is:

  • Complete X4 Deluxe Extender Unit
  • Complete Spring Loaded Assembly
  • New Hybrid Support System Compatible With Silicone Harness & Comfort Strap Technology
  • 2 Specially Calibrated Tension Springs (1600 grams)
  • 2 Silicone Harnesses
  • 2 Exclusive "Comfort Straps"
  • 4 Memory Foam Comfort Pads
  • Sets of ½, 1, 2 and 3 inch extension bars
  • Instructional Exercise and Full Video Tutorial CD-ROM
  • Bonus Men’s Health & Penis Exercise E-Book
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Package of X4 Labs Vitamin-E Boost™
  • 5 year Warranty
  • 6 Month Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free UPS Ground Shipping


X4 Labs is the best male enhancement maker on the market today. Below you will find a detailed comparison chart of each of its penis enlargement devices, to give you a better idea of what male enhancement device might work best for you.






Gold Premium

Guarantee No 6 Month 6 Month 6 Month 6 Month
Warranty 1 Year 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year
Spring Tension  1500G  1500G  1500G  1800G  2100G
Quad Support +$69.95 +$69.95 +$69.95 +$69.95 +$69.95
Mini Size +$49.95 +$49.95 +$49.95 +$49.95 +$49.95
Wide Girth +$49.95 +$49.95 +$49.95 +$49.95 +$49.95
Personalization No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $199.95 $349.95 $295.95 $395.95 $495.95
Discount $124.95 $274.95 $220.95 $320.95 $420.95
Comfort Pad Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instructional CD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gift Certificate $25 $25 $25 $50 $50
Extension Rods No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vitmain E No Yes No No No
Leather Case No No No Yes Yes
Gold Bars No No No Yes Yes
Better Sex DVD No No No Yes Yes

Penis Exercise

No No No No Yes





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