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Vimax Extender vs X4 Labs

Penis extenders are one such method of penis enlargement which is highly recommended by most of the doctors and physicians round the globe. Penis extenders are the safest method of penis enlargement as they are not subjected to cause any kind of side effects to the users. The penis extenders are medically proven method of penis enlargement and hence people should not be worried about the ineffectiveness. People can avail guaranteed results with the use of penis extenders. Penis extenders have become the most popular method of penis enlargement and this popularity has lead to the emergence of number of brands of penis extenders. Vimax Extender and X4 Labs extender are two such brands which are considered to be the best extenders in the market. Comparison of Vimax Extender vs X4 Labs can help the people to know which extender is better and which one to opt for.

Vimax extender can be purchased at a cost of $299.99 whereas X4 Labs penis extenders can be purchased at 199.99. X4 Labs are relatively less costly and they also come with more parts and accessories which are really very helpful for the people in penis enlargement. X4 Labs penis extenders have comfort strap made up of comfort strap technology which makes the device more comfortable to wear as compared to vimax extender. This also adds to the effectiveness of the device. X4 Labs penis extender helps the person to add up to 4 inch to the length whereas vimax helps the people to gain up to 3-4 inch to the length. Vimax can help the people to treat the condition of the penile curvature to the extent of 50%-90% depending upon the condition whereas X4 Labs helps the people to rectify the condition to the extent of 70% no matter how the condition is. It is preferred to opt for X4 Labs penis extender instead of vimax extender.