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Vimax Extender

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The Vimax male enhancement device is on the lower end of the penis extender spectrum. Although it is price pointed at $99.95, making it a relatively cheap male enhancement device, its setbacks and flaws are very apparent.

vimax male enhancementWith its cheaper price, it is also quite apparent that certain corners were cut when building this male enhancemnent device. The use of lower quality materials and outdated technologies leaves it more sustainable to discomfort and ultimately not as safe as some of the other leading brands of male enhancement devices. Also, with its lower price comes absolutely no bells or whistles with this male enhancement device. What you with the Vimax penis extender is what you get.

Growth results for the Vimax male enhancement device are less then desirable, usually with a 12-22% growth rate putting it at the bottom of the class for actual workability. Not to mention its use of the ‘noose’ technology, meaning it is uncomfortable to use gaining minimal results.

With the vast amount of male enhancement devices on the market today it is recommended to find an alternative device to the Vimax extender. A little bit of research and knowledge about what is available will definitely lead any smart consumer to a much more efficient male enhancement device.

Also, Vimax has a laundry list of precautions when using the Vimax male enhancement device -

  • During physiological activities of defecation and micturition, sporting activities, sexual intercourse or any potentially dangerous or strenuous physical activity.

  • After consumption of alcohol or ingestion of painkillers or euphoriants.

  • During activities in areas where the potential risk of falling exists; the user should take extreme care when climbing stairs, walking on slippery surfaces etc.

  • While using or being in the vicinity of machinery, motorized vehicles, bicycles, cooking or manipulating hot objects.

  • If, during use, pain or pallor or discoloration of the glans of the penis is experienced, the use of the device should be immediately discontinued.

  • In the presence of trauma, pain, skin lacerations or infected areas in or on the penis, Vimax Extender should not be used until complete resolution of the lesions has been achieved.
  • In chronic diseases that could impair blood circulation, oxygenation and regeneration of tissues (advanced diabetes, cirrhosis, respiratory insufficiency etc.).

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