Male Enhancement
Proextender vs. Andromedical

Till date there are no other methods of penis enlargement which can beat penis extenders in terms of safety and effectiveness. Penis extenders are such technological invention which is gaining popularity day by day. Therefore there are numbers of brands of penis extenders available in the market to meet the demand of the people. Proextender and andromedical are two such brands of penis extenders which are available in the market. Proextender and andromedical both are effective devices but which one of the two is most effective is the question which confuses the people a lot. Therefore it will be wise to compare proextender vs andromedical and notice which one of the two will be better. Proextender and andromedical both costs around $299.

Proextender is an effective device as it helps the people to gain 3 inch to the length and 2 inch to the girth of the penis whereas andromedical helps the people to gain 1.2-1.6 inch to the length of the penis. This clearly indicates the effectiveness of both the products. Proextender comes with various spare parts whereas andromedical comes along with spare parts, wooden case, guide in 14 languages etc. Proextender also helps the people to rectify the problem of peyronies disease better known as penile curvature to the extent of 70% whereas andromedical helps to rectify it by 75%.

Both the devices are effective enough but when compared to X4 Labs penis extenders it can be noted that X4 Labs are more effective than the two as they can help the people to add 2-4 inch of length to the penis, they can rectify the problem of penis curvature to the extent of 90%, they come along with more accessories, more parts and they are also more comfortable as compared to the other two. X4 Labs penis extender is also less costly as compared to the other two.