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The Problem of Hypospadias

It is difficult to live with a problem that is with you for a lifetime and it can be even more frustrating if the problem is with you since birth. Sometimes these problems are not only painful but even embarrassing at times, especially if the problems are with your private parts or organs of your body that cannot be openly discussed with everyone. Hypospadias is one such penile problem that is found in men which can be quite strange and embarrassing at times. The defect involves the shift of the urinating opening from the center of the penis to somewhere else which can lead to a deformed penis and also cause a messy urinating experience.

While there is no particular cause of the problem that has been pointed out but since the disorder is more genetic it can be a problem that is hereditary and can be inherited from the father. Also the treatment has been identified as per the stages of the problem. In the first stage it is believed that the defect is more cosmetic and can be rectified with a simple and timely surgery however as the time and the degree of the disorder increases, the complexity increases and also curing it becomes all the more difficult.

This problem can also lead to a big problem while a male is trying to have sex and more than being painful it can be very uncomfortable as well. Also the male would be petrified if his sex mate did not accept the deformed penis the way it was and hence the sufferer can be embarrassed. It is advisable that you take an advice from a doctor so that you can ensure that this problem is adequately dealt with in the right point of time. You have to be confident and patient to recover from a Hypospadias problem.