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Jes Extender vs X4 Labs

People often gets confused while selecting a penis extender as there are number of brands available in the market. The confusion is regarding which one of the brand is the best and more effective. Therefore it is advisable for the people to do lots of research, read the reviews about the different brands on the internet, and comparing the penis extenders against different brands will surely help the people to know about the best penis extenders in the market. Similarly while comparing Jes Extender vs X4 Labs people can come to know about the best extender out of the two. This can thus help the people to shortlist the extender and choose the best one. Jes Extender is available in the market at a rate of $299 whereas X4 Labs costs around $199. Jes Extender creates some irritation to the people while wearing it therefore it affects the effectiveness of the device. This kind of problem arises due to the design of the device. Jes Extender has a noose design therefore it creates problems while wearing it.

But X4 Labs penis extender is a very comfortable device to wear as it is made up of with comfort strap technology which enables patients to wear it for a longer time and which also adds to the effectiveness of the device. The noose design of the Jes Extender restricts the blood flow to the penis whereas X4 Labs is designed in such a way which enhances the blood flow to the penis. X4 Labs offers free trials for the X4 Deluxe penis extender so you can personally see the effectiveness of the device whereas Jes Extender provides a 6 months refund policy which is also very senseless. Thus we can conclude that X4 Labs penis extenders are more effective than the Jes Extender and thus patients should opt for X4 Labs penis extender.