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Jes Extender vs Fastsize

Penis extenders are becoming popular day by day due its effectiveness and it is also considered to the safest method for penis enlargement as compared to the other methods. This popularity of the product has created a huge demand in the market and totally changed the outlook of the penis enlargement industry. Therefore to meet the demand of the people there are number of brands of penis extenders which are launched in the market. Jes extender and fastsize extenders are the two brands which are present in the market for a considerable period of time.


Jes extender vs fastsize distinguish will surely help the people to know about the effectiveness of the device, rate of the device, safety, results and many such things. Jes Extender vs Fastsize comparison will also help the people to know about the best brand out of the two. Jes extender is sold in the market at a rate of $299.99 whereas fastsize costs around $279. Jes extender is little costly out of the two. Jes extender comes with 3 sets of elongation bars, 24 carat gold plating, Mahogany case etc whereas fastsize extenders consists of spare parts, travel pouch, toiletry bag etc. Jes extender basic system has a noose design penis extender which causes irritation to the people while wearing it and it also restricts the flow of blood to the penis thus affecting the effectiveness of the extender.


Fastsize extender does not have any such design and is comfortable to wear as compared to the jes extenders. fastsize extender are more effective while rectifying the problem of penile curvature as compared to jes extender. But none of the device is good when it stands in front of X4 Labs penis extenders as they are more comfortable, extremely effective and safe device with which people can fulfill their dreams of an enlarged penis.