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I was continually looking for ways to enlarge my penis, as I was not satisfied with my size and the overall outcome of my sexual experiences. I found many methods of penis enlargement but was advised to look into penis extenders as they were highly regarded, as well as extremely effective and safe.   

jes extenderAfter some further research I learned that penis extenders are known for guaranteed results and widely doctor recommended. Also, it really eased my curiosity when I learned that I should not be worried about any side effects or infections while using a male enhancement device. I have come across many penis extenders while conducting my research, and the Jes Extender was one of them.

The Jes Extender has three products consisting of the basic edition, the silver edition and the gold edition. The basic edition of the Jes extender has a noose design which makes the extender uncomfortable to wear. The noose design also restricts the flow of blood to the penis can hamper the effectiveness of the device. The silver and gold did work better, but were not the best.

If I were to recommend a male enhancement device, I would go with the X4 Labs extender. X4 labs is considered to be the best, and based on my results they definitely exceeded those claims.

The X4 Labs male enahancement device was extremely comfortable to wear and is also highly effective. X4 labs provides a free trial of the device where you can personally feel the effects and decide whether to purchase it or not. The X4 labs penis extender comes with more parts and accessories that really help when looking for a great way to obtain male enhancement. Even most penis extender forums recommend X4 Labs penis extenders as the best on the market.

Jes-Extender Male Enhancement Specs Overview

Jes-Extender Light Original Silver Gold
Material Brass nitin Brass nitin Sterling Silver 24 Carat Gold
Extension Kit

2 sets of elongation bars (17cm / 6.7in)

3 sets of elongation bars (23cm / 9in) 4 sets of elongation bars (28cm / 11in) 4 sets of elongation bars (28cm / 11in)
Box Type Card board box Mahogony case Mahogony case Mahogony case
Warranty 1 year 2 years 5 years Life time
Manual yes yes yes yes
Instruction DVD yes yes yes yes
Training Program yes yes yes yes
Forum Access yes yes yes yes
Set of Keys no yes yes yes
Comfort Strap yes yes yes yes
Cohesive Guage no no yes yes
Soft Attach no no no yes


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