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Jelqing Exercise

Jelqing Exercise


Jelging also known as milking method is in use since ancient times. The people of Arab used to use this method and were passed from generation to generation. Jelging exercise is a very effective exercise as it helps the people to permanently increase the length and girth of the penis. Jelging exercise works on increasing the blood flow to the penis and thus helping the penis to get a better and long lasting erection. Jelging exercise is to be performed by the person using both their hands. It is very important for the person to understand how the jelging exercise is performed, because a single mistake while performing this exercise can cause side effects.


Before starting the exercise people should take a warm bath or should wrap a warn cloth around the penis for sometime in order to make the penis warm. Then people should use their index finger and thumb in OK position and wrap it around the penis. Afterwards people should start stroking the penis towards the glans by using their hand at a time. This helps the penis to get a better blood flow. People should perform such exercise for around 20-30 minutes everyday and should stroke it for around 100-200 times a day only if the penis is in semi erect position.


This exercise can make the person tired and after some days the people may feel to leave the exercise, but now with there are many jelging devices which are available in the market which can help the people to perform the jelging exercise easily. Penis extenders are considered to be very good jelging device.


Penis extender can help the people to free their hands and this can help them to perform the exercise in a correct way and for longer period of time. Jelging exercise can help the people to fulfill their dream of an enlarged penis.