Male Enhancement
Jelq Method

Jelq method may probably will be the oldest method for penis enlargement used by the Sudanese Arab people over 100 years. This secret of penis enlargement method was passed on by the father to the child. Jelq method is one of the favorite methods of penis enlargement with the Americans and is still used in a great extent. Jelq methods are considered to be very effective to permanently increase the length and girth of the penis if used properly.

Jelging activities are to be performed by the person by using both their hands. Such activities encourage the growth of the penis by enhancing the level of the blood flow to the penis. This helps the penis to get a bigger, better and long lasting erection and it also makes the skin of the penis tougher and elastic. There are many ways with which jelq method can be performed. They can be performed by using kegel exercises, penis extenders, jelq sticks etc.

While using jelq sticks people have to place their penis in between the jelq sticks and vertically move the stick. This vertical movement of the stick will helps the people to increase the girth of the penis. kegel exercises are also effective to some extent but jelq method when performed with the combination of the penis extenders it can prove to be very effective. Before the invention of the penis extenders the jelqing exercise has to be performed manually for around twenty to thirty minutes everyday.

Due to this manual activity people used to get bored to some extent and often stopped using it. But now with the help of the penis extenders people do not have to use their hands and this allows them to perform the jelqing activities for a longer time. With the use of the penis extenders there are no chances of any mistakes while performing this activity. Penis extenders will surely help the people to witness effective results very quickly.