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Jelq Exercises

Jelq exercises have been in origin since ancient times and were used by the Sudanese Arab people. Jelq exercises are considered to be very incredible techniques for making the penis bigger. For this the people have to follow a fixed regime of jelging exercises which can help the person to increase the length and girth of the penis permanently.

With the help of this jelging exercises the blood pressure in the penis is increased with an aim to permanently avail a maximum erect size of the penis. It is very important for the people to perform this exercise very particularly because if it is not performed properly then it may damage the blood vessels, can cause bleeding from urethra and this bleeding leads to infections to the user, temporary erectile dysfunction etc. Jelging exercises have to be performed by warming up the penis initially and only when the penis is in semi-erect position.

People can also lubricate their penis by some oil or gels. This exercise has to be performed constantly by using both the hands. People need to apply an OK grip to the base of the penis by using the thumb and the index finger. This will make sure that the blood does not flow out of the penis. Then people should stroke their hands towards the glans. Once this activity is performed by one hand similar kind of activity should be performed with the other hand. People should make sure that each stroke does not exceed 3 seconds parameter.

To witness effective results quickly it is advisable for the people to perform this exercise for at least 20-30 minutes everyday. People can use jelqing devices like penis extenders to perform this activity as this will allow the person to give rest to their hands and will also help the people to carry out this function for a longer period of time. With the help of penis extenders people can witness very effective and quick results.