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Increase Penis Size

Those men who are looking forward to opt for penis enlargement methods to increase penis size then it is always advisable for the people to opt for penis extenders as till date there are no other method in the market which can supersede the effectiveness and safety of penis size. Comparison of penis extenders with other methods of penis enlargement can make the person understand why this method is considered to be the best. Some people think of opting for methods like surgeries, pills, penis pumps, creams, hanging weights etc. but it is advisable for the people to drop out the plan of adopting any one of the above method as they are not considered to be effective and safe for use.

Some of the demerits of the penis enlargement methods are as follows: Surgical methods: surgical methods are very costly; they also do not provide guaranteed results, they are very risky as they can cause harmful side effects like infections to the penis, loss of sexual sensation, impotency etc.

Penis enlargement pills: they can cause side effects and also there is no guarantee that in how many months’ people can avail increase penis size, does it provide permanent penis enlargement etc.


  • Hanging weights: this method is not at all effective and it can cause side effects in the form of damaged blood vessels, loss of sexual feeling, impotency etc.
  • Penis pumps: first of all they do not provide any permanent results and they also cause side effects or infections.  


Therefore it is not at all advisable for the people to opt for such methods. On the other hand penis extenders are one such method which is very effective and is also not considered to cause any kind of side effects to the person. With the use of penis extenders people can be assured of guaranteed results.