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Fleshlight Review

The Fleshlight is the leading male sex toy in the market today, with over 2 million sold worldwide. It was designed by Interactive Life Forms in 1998, and more specifically by Steve Shubin. The Fleshlight is made out of a flesh like material on the inner sleeve, while the outside discreetly looks like a Fleshlight, hence its name. You can purchase separate sleeves which can represent vaginas, anus’s and mouths. 

The Fleshlight works by using its realistic feeling sleeve  and is designed to replicate having real sex. The Fleshlight is easy to use, is clean and is 100 percent safe. If used to the constraints of a normal sex drive, your Fleshlight can last a lifetime. It is also only 10 inches in length, and 4 inches in diameter so it can easily be transported and travelled with in complete secrecy.

The Fleshlight is widely considered to be better then the ‘real thing’, with men from all over raving about how great of a product it is. This mainly has to do with its sleeves, which is made out of a secret material that the company keeps under constant lock and key.

Basically all you have to do to use the Fleshlight is take out the sleeve and soak it in warm water, apply some lube (water based only) to it and yourself, and you are ready to go. You can control the varying suctions by adjusting the cap on the bottom until you find a setting you like. One of the best perks about the Fleshlight is that there are no moving or electronic parts, so it can take a beating time and time again. This product is a pretty safe bet to last you a long, long time.

With all of the sex toys on the market, our reviewers at have all agreed that the Fleshlight is one of the best. It is price pointed well, shipped very discreetly and best of all exceeded all expectations when put to use.