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Birth control method: vasectomy

The increasing population of the world is causing a huge amount of concern for various countries and the environmentalists as well. Our resources are soon depleting and the amount of people using these resources is constantly increasing and hence it is very important that there are some effective birth control methods that are brought into practice so that the population control can be more effective and immediate. Vasectomy is said to be one of the safest and successful ways of preventing birth control, the method involves the blockage in the mixing of the semen and the sperm due to which during ejaculation only the non sperm semen comes out which is as good as nothing.

Though the method might not provide its effects almost immediately but you can use alternative sources to confirm that the birth control is maintained. The method appears to be very decent however it can be quite painful because a part near your testis is either cut or sealed, for which an operation is required. It is not a very long surgery that takes place, in fact it is a 15 to 20 minute job for the specialist doctors. This method might turn out to be very useful in the developing economies however the pain associated with it can make it very difficult for a person to opt for such a procedure.

Vasectomy can also be done without the use of a scalpel and nowadays with the modern technology and the techniques it can be a very pain free experience. This might affect your sex life to an extent but that is only during the initial periods, once you and your partner come back to where it was you can take it normally. The method is also quite cruel and can lead to ethical issues as well!